At Pondera, there are three fundamental principles that guide us – no matter who the client, no matter what the project.


It's my number one priority on every project: a strong client-architect relationship, which is fundamental to ensuring success. A strong relationship results in better design by opening lines of communication, allowing the free flow of ideas and information, and ensuring that all your – and your project's – needs are met.


Design enhances the built environment around us. It enhances your project, your end-users' experience, your bottom line. Because we believe in its power, we strive for design that invokes passion and creates a sense of place for people to work, shop, play, and live.


The role of an architect is to serve as a stepping stone toward your end use. The more efficient we are, then, the sooner you move into your home, the sooner your business is up and running, the sooner your project is put on the market. Our knowledge of building codes, construction, CAD, and 3D modeling will ensure an efficient design process for your project.